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Boston, MA - My daily commute

2007.05.30 | Boston, MA | My Daily Downtown Commute - Page 2

The houses become increasingly elegant and expensive as we walk towards the top of the hill. Mt Vernon Street follows the top of the ridge, running from the State House, just ot the east of Joy St, past historic Louisburg Square, and down to Charles Street.

After passing over the hill, we cross Beacon Street, where we enter the Boston Common. The Common is America's oldest public park, with a long and storied past. I'm usually thinking of the tasks that await me at work, but occasionally I look around and remember that British Redcoats camped on the Common during the Revolutionary War; George Washington celebrated the American Independence here with John Adams and General Lafayette; public hangings took place until 1817; cattle grazed on the grasses until 1830; and Ralph Waldo Emerson discussed poetry with Walt Whitman under elms that still stand above the paths today.

To the left of our path across the Common, we pass by the dog run, which is always entertaining with dogs that seem eagaer to run, bark and play in even the harshest weather. To the right, is the famous Frog Pond, where kids splash in the spray pool all summer, then skate on the ice in the winter. We pass through too early for kids playtime, but the area near the pond is a favorite for a group of little old Chinese ladies who come together every morning for Tai Chi. They aren't as fast or exciting to watch as the dogs, but these ladies are just as relentless, and tough enough to come out on even the iciest mornings.

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