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San Juan, Puerto Rico - Spring Vacation 2007

2007.04.25 - 2007.05.02 | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Spring Vacation 2007

Puerto Rico is a little different than the rest of the Caribbean. While San Juan is not quite like a mainlnad US city, it's also not exactly a typical dumpy little Caribbean town either. There's a city bus system that doesn't allow chickens, and it's at least a little harder to tell the locals from the tourists. Also, you don't need a passport when flying from the US, and most importantly, there are direct flights from Boston. These were the factors the led us to choose San Juan as our 2007 Winter / Spring getaway.

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We stayed at the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino in the Condando district. It's a great place and we would recommend this beach-side hotel to anyone visiting San Juan.