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A cafe in Paris, just outside of the tourist zone on Montmartre

2009.08  |  Paris, France  |  Our First European Vacation

We've talked about it for years, but finally took the plunge in the Summer of 2009, with our first trip to Europe. Since Kelly speaks French (with a Quebecois accent) and I know enough to get me in trouble, we decided that Paris was the perfect place to start. We stayed at the Hotel Lutetia in the 6th Arrondissements, which was within walking distance of almost every place we wanted to see. Of course, walking distance for Kelly and I is a little further than most people. In the end, I think it's fair to say that we averaged almost 10 miles a day. Click on the link below to see some of the 971 pictures that I took along the way.

2008.05  |  Las Vegas, NV

2007.04  |  Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas was more of a starting point than destination during our 2008 Spring getaway. Instead of gambling, we rented a Cadillac CTS for day trips out to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Red Rock Canyon.

2007.04  |  San Juan, Puerto Ric

2007.04  |  San Juan, Peurto Rico

Puerto Rico is a little different than the rest of the Caribbean. It's still a long way from a typical mainland US city, but at least you won't find anyone carrying chickens on the city bus system.

2006.10  |  Atlantic City, NJ

2006.10  |  Atlantic City, NJ

We took our 2006 "summer" vacation a little late this year, but the weather was warm and sunny, and the only thing missing from the beaches and boardwalk of Atlantic City was the summer crowds.